Titanium  2004

In 2004 I produced nine songs as an album which were all recorded and mixed on an Apple Mac laptop using a 2 channel MBox Focusrite interface – all the recordings were made independently with sessions files sent to each of the musicians collaborating on the project to complete their parts and return the files to me for final mixing and mastering.


Mark Irwin – guitars, vocals, and keyboards

Pip Williams – guitars

Rick Liggins – Bass

Sally Liggins – backing vocals

Larry Whelan – clarinet

You can download this album here

Straylight Studios 2

Since leaving the original Straylight Studios Ltd based on Willesden High Road London, I have built a new studio at home based around ProTools but equipped with the best vintage and modern recording equipment.

My first project to record a new album began in 2018 and is nearing completion –  rough mixes are posted here.


Mark Irwin – guitars, vocals, programming, and keyboards

Martin Wright – drums

Rich Harvey – Bass and guitars

Big Sky 2021